The « Agriculture – Climate Change » network gathers Belgian scientific teams working on research activities linked to the Agriculture and Climate Change relationships. This network was created in October 2012 and is funded by the Région Wallonne – DGO.6. The network includes the Walloon scientific partners involved in the European Joint Programming Initiative FACCE-JPI and participating in the research project MACSUR.

Different research topics are tackled by the network, including both the study of the impact of climate change on agriculture and the contribution from the agricultural activities on the climate. This website aims at gathering and disseminating information linked to research topics related to Agriculture and Climate Change in Région Wallonne.

→ The page Documentation holds several scientific references about the Walloon research in this topic as well as studies about contribution, impact, mitigation and adaptation of the Belgian and Walloon agroecosystems facing climate change.
→ A calendar gathers a selection of scientific events and meetings.